How to Choose a Shower Panel Tower?

Shower panel towers can really upgrade your bathroom and give it the luxurious twist. Here are some guidelines about choosing a shower panel tower.

Shower panel towers can really upgrade your bathroom and give it the luxurious twist. Here are some guidelines about choosing a shower panel tower.

Apart from the obvious advantage of getting water sprays from all directions, there are a variety of reasons why people look forward to installing a shower panel in their bathrooms.

Whether in a new home or when upgrading to a modern bathroom setting. Whatever your reason, you need to be abreast with the right information before making the purchase.

What Exactly Is a Shower Panel?

A shower panel is described as basically a wall-mounted panel that possesses a myriad of peculiarities, all with the aim of assisting you in getting thoroughly clean. Such features include massaging jets which scatter all over the panel, body sprays, and a showerhead and wand in some cases. It is primarily present in walk-in showers. However, when we talk about bathroom design in totality, the deciding factors are usually money, creativity, and bathroom space.

How to Pick a Shower Panel Tower?

In selecting a shower panel tower, one must endeavor to take certain factors into consideration. Such factors include:

  • Construction
  • Desirable options
  • Design
  • Price
  • Nature of thermostat

1 – Design

Design remains a significant aspect to bear in mind while shopping for a shower panel. The design of the shower panel is essential and can differ based on your bathroom renovation intentions. These panels are produced from a number of substances, which range from durable metal and tempered glass to plastic and wood. 

how to choose a shower panel tower

Such design-related choices, however personal, can play a crucial role in modifying your plan altogether. You must always remember that this is a personal decision; therefore, be certain that you choose a shower panel that syncs with your thoughts and wishes. 

Given that you have opted for a shower panel, you must understand how the right design can boost the overall appearance of your bathroom, bestowing a perfect touch of grandeur and class.

2 – Price

In spite of the fact that money remains a major factor to consider when acquiring a piece of luxury facilities, you must not let it be the only defining factor when shopping for a shower panel. While purchasing a shower panel, go for one which fits in your budget and has each of the features that you desire. 

But then, in truth, this is not always a simple job. The reality is that the price increases with additional features. In making such a purchase, many buyers find themselves constantly comparing prices and features. When you find yourself doing this, do not panic as it is completely normal when shopping for a shower panel. 

However, some companies can decide to offer discounts or lower prices from time to time. Many customers consider this too before making a purchase. The perfect technique to keep informed would be to register for the organization’s newsletter in order to be kept abreast of any prospective promotions or sales.

3 – Desirable Options

The ultimate thing that you should be watching out for while purchasing a shower would be whether or not the options it comes with are desirable for you. 

What do you really want? Are you the sort for rainfall showers, misting sprays, massage jets, and the likes? Or do you prefer simplicity above all? All you have to do is bear in mind the method of showering you find most appealing, and then proceed to acquire one with such properties. It really can be that simple. 

Some panels come with a shower wand to support with directing the circulation of water where required. Furthermore, certain panels have been paired with a built-in bathtub filler, to be installed above a bathtub. The purpose of this is discretion.

Temperature controls are constructed directly into your shower facilities. This has sometimes failed to prevent scalding in the past. However, one among many creative approaches has given rise to shower panels that come with colored LED temperature display. Based on the temperature of the water at each instance, the color of the LED display changes. The various colors each reflect a specific amount of heat. This has resulted in an excellent safety measure, especially for young kids who are yet to understand how to operate the system in order to attain optimal bathwater temperatures.

4 – Nature of Thermostat

The sensitivity of the thermostat is of great value. Micro-level changes may vary the temperature values considerably based on the sensitivity of the thermostat.

The thermostat knob has its role to play as it serves as the part of the device used in regulating the temperature at various levels.

5 – Construction

The stainless steel makeup utilized by many shower panels is resistant to scraping and rust, as well as warp, dents, and temperature-induced volume fluctuations (due to cold and hot temperatures). 

The construction of the panel supplies durability, balance, and flexibility. By adhering strictly to the standards outlined by the cUPC and the UPC, manufacturers are able to guarantee the durability of these showers while maintaining topnotch quality and efficiency.

Wrap Up

In all honesty, choosing a shower panel tower can be tedious without the right knowledge. However, with the aforementioned ideas, you can make an informed choice in obtaining a shower panel. You must not simply take our word for it. Our reviews speak for us. Our products are ranked high in the industry. Follow these ideas, and you will be glad you did.

Your opinion is important to us!

Do you have more suggestions on how to choose a shower panel tower? Let us know in the comments bellow or contact us!

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