Many professions involve writing documents in one form or another. A DRM software for documents protects these intellectual properties. It prevents others from copying or re-distributing your content.

how to choose a drm software for documents

What is Digital Right Management (DRM) software?

DRM is the technology used to protect valuable content from being exploited and redistributed without consent. While it can be related to a variety of media types such as videos, audio and images, it is mostly related to written content.

There are many DRM solutions, how can one decide which solution to choose?

In this article we will briefly go on few types of DRM technologies and describe their pros and cons.

The free DRM solutions – limited but easy and affordable

Ever wondered how to protect pdf file from copying? PDF No Copy is a free online tool for modifying the DRM restrictions in PDF files and makes it difficult to copy the text. The process is very easy. You just need to upload your PDF file and a DRM restricted version will appear. Then all you have to do is download the copy protected file and share it.

While this solution is very simple and easy, it is not suited for top confidential documents as it is impossible to limit the number of users that can receive the file and basically it makes it hard to copy the text buy it is still possible to share it.

Semi professional solutions – more secured but with limited features

Paid DRM Software for documents provide more robust solution for file encryptions and control. HoGo is such solution. Users can upload PDF, Word, Powerpoint or Excel files to the platform. The files are then being encrypted and sent to the defined recipients. The files can be downloaded and viewed in a secured mode.

One big advantage over the free soultion is the ability to get track if a file was read and how many times.

In terms of pricing, this type of solution usually comes with affordable pricing system that includes few free trials every month.

Professional DRM Software for Documents

The final category of DRM solutions are enterprise solutions that are costly but very effective. Vitrium is an example of this technology. It allows file encryption, content controls, user control, tracking and analytics, seamless access and integration with other software.

This type of solution is great for large scale document-creation. For example engineering plans, contracts, sensitive medical information and confidential education material.

These solution are also more costly, the yearly license can easily cost thousands of dollars. And therefore this type of DRM software for documents is not accessible for everyone.


For the layman, who just want to make it “complicated” for people to copy the content of their document, the simple solution will probably be Online PDF No Copy.

If you are a SME, you probably want to consider investing a little money and get a more robust encryption solution that is combined with monitoring system. The downfall of this type of solution is the lack of scalability as they most often cannot connect with other enterprise applications.

The heavy duty solutions can provide all-in-one DRM solution for your documents. Yet the cons of this option is of course the price that often is too high for small enterprises.

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