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How to Choose A Quarantine Diet?

The Covid19 virus changes the way we live and

The Covid19 virus changes the way we live and forces us to stay at home. How to eat while in quarantine? Here are some tips to to choose a quarantine diet!

First, an advice for you before embarking on this journey. Start inwards, by clean healthy living. I recall a famous quote by Jim Rohn “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live”. But haphazardly doing the same would be dangerous for healthy living is a lifestyle and not a hobby to be engaged intermittently.

What Does Good Eating Habit Mean?

Doing the same thing over and over again makes up a habit which brings us to the pertinent question of what exactly is Good Eating Habit.

Balanced Nutrition Intake

From the recent research at Canada Food Guide, 2020, 50% of the nutrition should come from fresh fruits and vegetables, 25% should come from whole-grain carbohydrates and last 25% should have healthy lean proteins (Indians lack protein content the most), not necessarily from meat.

Consume Home-Cooked Food

Even though this sounds obvious, it has been observed that Indian consumer 250-350 Kcals of food like Junk food and outside food which is not good for human and planet as per Lancet commission’s reference diet. Slightest deviation into these food types destroys the desired lifestyle derived from good eating habits. Choose food with low added sugar, preservatives and salt content as these add to the risk of contracting lifestyle chronic diseases namely Diabetes Mellitus, Heart Disease, and Obesity.

How Does Our Eating Habits Make All the Difference on Our Health

Consume Enough Water

Our body loses water that we consume in the form of sweat, bodily waste and breathing. The reason water should be a proactive measure in addition to quenching your thirst as it’s a very good way to keep yourself hydrated without calories. You should consume minimum is approx. Three litres a day. Water also helps drain toxins out of your body.

how to choose a quarantine diet

Beware of Marketing Gimmicks

“99% of the professionals suggest to consume this food product”. I say, take a chance and trust that 1 % of professionals sometimes by educating yourself with what goes into your kitchen. Read & know the content label on the packaging. If you are looking for a weight loss plan, knowing how much carbohydrates and bad cholesterol content would be important.


What Accounts for Healthy Living?

How do I know if I am getting the results? Is there a way I can quantify the effects? Yes, you can easily measure the results and consciously notice the changes.

Improvement in Immune System

Good eating habits when putting into daily practice can help reduce the health issues including chronic health diseases. Proper nutrient intake helps in building cells which are building blocks of Human anatomy.

Reduced Stress, Improved Energy

When you consume nutritious diet at proper intervals, this keeps our body aware of the nutritional intake, reduces the binge eating. Also, enough oxygen level by regularly hydrating your body gives enough oxygen to your cells, if this is supplemented by the daily exercise of 30 minutes can help reduce stress by releasing the endorphins.

Weight Loss

Obesity/Overweight population accounts to approx. 6-7%. Having a balanced diet recommended by your dietician at specified interval increases the metabolism rate which helps in weight loss plan. It’s a myth that more your exercise, higher calories you burn. Unfortunately, 60-70% of your weight loss plan is dependent on how well is your eating habit and rest 30-40% is attributed to sleep pattern and exercise.

Wrap Up..

The above three benefits outweigh any pleasure you can derive from materialistic gifts you can get this year. To make sure you follow a proper diet you need to consult your dietician, otherwise, even the bad eating habits can have bad effects on your health. Once you adopt a healthy lifestyle, you’d never regret making the decision. Healthy living is a process which starts by taking one step at a time.

Your opinion is important to us!

Do you have more suggestions on how to choose a quarantine diet? Let us know in the comments bellow or contact us!

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