How to Choose Portable Infrared Saunas?

The health and wellness advantages of portable infrared sauna make it more popular than ever. How to pick the best portable infrared saunas?

Why buying a Portable Infrared Saunas?

Infrared sauna is quickly becoming a common choice amongst sauna users. Infrared Sauna therapy is of great potential effects on the skin, since it is capable of helping to jump start the tissue recovery procedure. It may also assist in other forms of rejuvenation, since it increases the blood flow to various areas of the body.

The various medical advantages of infrared happen to be incorporated into saunas. Such include anti-aging abilities, detoxification, and weight loss, among other benefits.

Factors to Consider

When making a decision as regards portable infrared saunas,  the following factors should be considered:

1. Extra Entertainment Provisions

Heating your body from within is very fancy, and everyone enjoys it. But, just like everything else you do for a long time, it begins to get boring after some time. While having a long sauna session, some portable saunas come with the added advantage of a video or audio player. This helps spice things up. 

2. Presence of Inner Lighting System

Of all portable infrared saunas, the most sought-after are those with lighting features inside the sauna. This is the type you want to look out for.  They come with cool shades of blue light that adds that extra touch of relaxation. 

how to choose portable infrared saunas

3. Control Panels

For many portable infrared saunas, the control panel is located outside the sauna. This is why the few with controls inside are trendy and highly sought-after. With the control panel within the sauna, you do not have to go out to adjust anything, whether the volume of your player, the time or the temperature.

4. Size of The Sauna

This is basically a function of body size and/or weight. In today’s market, portable saunas that can shelter up to 5 people are available. Therefore, depending on your size and weight, you can choose the size of the sauna you want. 

5. Safety

The heat emitters in many infrared saunas on average have high EMF ratings

Several of the top quality manufacturers now offer low EMF carbon panel heating emitters and  some brands currently offer zero EMF ratings for their carbon panel infrared emitters.

However, having zero or low rated EMF carbon panels isn’t necessarily adequate to guarantee your overall safety. 

Infrared saunas are known to have a substantial amount of 120V wiring across the wall panels and the roof cap in the windmill. A number of the sauna manufacturers that offer zero or low EMF panels have failed to correctly shield all of the wiring in the windmill. The goal is to buy from a manufacturer, who provides special EMF shielded 120v wiring. Safety first. 

6. Nature of The Heating Panels

Far infrared saunas of topnotch quality have high carbon heater panel coverage on walls, for example, front heaters on either side of the glass door, and lower leg heater in the front of the seat.

Maximum body coverage and maximum infrared absorption is a quality of huge infrared heating panels which encircle the sauna user on all interior walls. This is yet another desirable factor.

7. Durability

Be sure to inquire about durability before you make your final decision.

Certain parts of your sauna contribute to its overall durability. A good example is the heating emitter. The ceramic utilized in the majority of infrared heating emitters is generally of low quality, lumpy residue of impurities tend to be produced on the tube itself. These deposits cause the ceramic emitter to rust rapidly and become inefficient with time.

8. Warranty

Any sauna manufacturer should be able to vouch for their products. Otherwise, no deal. Some portable infrared saunas come with up to 50 years warranty.

9. Efficiency

An efficient system should be capable of leading infrared energy to the upper shoulders, neck and also head/face regions of the sauna user, resulting in an even distribution of infra red energy to the whole body.

In some portable infrared saunas, there are no floor/foot heaters.  This poses a challenge to users as it is very important to heat the feet to eliminate toxins and lactic acid buildup, soothe nerve endings located in the base of the foot and relieve joint related pain.

10. Material Used

Canadian Cedar is one of the most preferred insulator materials for infrared saunas. It is also known as the western red cedar. It is famous for its natural splendor and the outstanding physical properties which make it among the world’s most unique species. Low shrinkage variable and superior to all other coniferous woods in its resistance to warping, twisting and assessing. It is also of great durability.

Another good material is the Pacific Coast Hemlock. It is quite stable with minimal inclination to cup, spin or check. It possesses good properties for both expansion and regeneration. Hemlock yields clean, straight borders and accurate shapes. The mix of equilibrium and smoothness has made Hemlock a favorite wood choice in the construction of saunas. A superb option when you have allergies,  as a result of its low resin content along with virtually no odor.

You must ask about what the infrared sauna is made of before purchase.

Wrap Up

Infrared saunas have gained considerable ground in the world of saunas. Being of remarkable heat source, they are worth having. But then, you do not want to bet on the wrong horse so it is always best to arm yourself with the right knowledge.

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