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How to Choose a Baby Jumper or a Baby Bouncer

Not much can beat the sound of your baby laughing, and a baby jumper is one thing that get this reaction every time! So how to choose the best a baby jumper?

Not much can beat the sound of your baby laughing, and a baby jumper is one thing that is almost always guaranteed to get this reaction every time! So how to choose a baby jumper?

There’s a lot of debate about the use of baby jumpers or baby bouncer; choosing a jumper based on the factors covered in this article will ensure that your baby is safe and not at risk of damaging their body or proper development.

What Is a Baby Jumper?

A baby jumper or a baby bouncer is a seat attached to bands that allows your baby to push off of the floor and jump, moving themselves up and down.

What Are the Benefits?

When used correctly there are multiple benefits of a baby jumper. A jumper entertains your baby and give them the opportunity to interact with colours, sounds, and the exciting movement of jumping; this movement can help leg muscles to develop, and can assist your baby in developing some of the important skills that they will need for walking.

A baby jumper or a baby bouncer engages your baby and requires them to use lots of energy, with some parents saying that their babies sleep better as a result. Another bonus is that you can pop your baby into their jumper whilst you quickly prepare some food, start a clothes wash or do the washing up – anything to keep our babies attention for just 5 minutes is a parent win!

What Are the Different Models of Baby Jumper?

There are countless different models of baby jumper, but each fits into one of these three broader categories that you’re likely to come across when searching for your baby’s new toy:


how to choose a baby jumper

This is a simple jumper made up of a seat within a structure, there is no need to attach this type of jumper to anything else, and it is often easy to move around.


This is the same as above, but with exciting activities attached. This includes (but is not limited to) toys, rattles, mirrors and interactive buttons. This style of jumper can provide your baby with an audible and visual experience – keeping them even more engaged and entertained. Models that fit into this category are often difficult to move around.


This is a jumper incorporating simply a seat, and bands that attach to a doorway – without a base. A doorway jumper takes up very little space and can be particularly bouncy for your baby!

What Should I Consider when Looking for The Best Baby Jumper?

These are some of the most important features that you should look for when selecting a jumper for your baby:


All features of the jumper should be designed with the development of your baby at the forefront. You may want to select a jumper with 360 rotation to keep your baby active and strengthening their muscles.

Also consider if you want the jumper to include some sort of musical feature – this can be particularly rewarding for your baby and heighten their play experience, but remember that the noise can get quite irritating.


Is the jumper easy to move around the house, or pack into the car to take to a different location? This factor completely depends on where you think you’ll want to use the baby jumper.


Is the equipment machine washable or wipeable? You’ll probably want a jumper that has a removable and washable seat for any spills – or nappy explosions!


Consider the weight allowance for the bouncer – the higher the weight allowance, the longer it will be able to accommodate and entertain your baby. Some jumpers also have height adjustments straps that allow you to change the height of the seat with your growing baby.


Most jumper seats are made from soft materials. So you’ll want to make sure that it’s made from a fabric that is durable, with a base that is strong enough to withstand daily use and the weight of your child.


Even when you’ve purchased the perfect baby jumper, you’ll want to take the following safety precautions each time you use it:

  • Regularly check fastenings and equipment
  • Ensure baby is secure and seated comfortably with just their toes touching the floor
  • Avoid a baby bouncer that puts pressure on your baby’s spine.
  • Make sure the door frame is strong enough – when using a doorframe bouncer
  • Make sure that your baby is within the weight limit
  • Limit the use 15-20 minutes per day: when seated in jumpers, babies are often upright before their muscles are ready to be in this position
  • Never leave your baby unattended
  • Make sure the floor is clear of objects

Final Words…

Once you’ve found a jumper that meets the most important criteria, be sure to stick to the safety guidelines, and let the giggles commence!

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