How to Choose a Concealer?

In need for a new concealers? We’ve gathered many makeup tips that will clear things for you. This the complete guide on how to choose an eye concealer.

With so many different concealers in the market, all insisting that they are the best, it is very difficult to understand how to choose a concealer.
Please consider this article your go-to resource for all you need to keep in mind when choosing concealer. We’ve gathered many makeup tips that will clear things for you.

how to choose a concealer

Every woman should carry a good under-eye concealer nowadays. The present’s busy lifestyles makes it difficult to look radiant every day. And those under-eye circles are so tricky as they appear instantly while it takes time and effort to get rid of them.

Let’s talk about the different types of concealers

Concealers is a wide category. There are many concealers that serve different purposes. There are four main types of concealers:

1. Stick Concealers

Stick concealers have a bad reputation of being too dry on the skin. This misconception is due to the fact you need to hold it all together.

All concealer insisting that they are the best, it is very difficult to understand how to choose a concealer.

However, it does has many advantages such as being abley to carry around and use on the go with no mess or spill. You’ll thank yourself for that decision when uninvited red spot appears and you need a quick fix.

2. Liquid Concealers

Liquid concealers are the most popular. There are different types of liquid concealers. Let’s go over them briefly:

– Liquid concealers in a tube:

They often have a thicker formula and often used for under eye concealing and they tend to be thick and sticky.

– Liquid concealers with an applicator:

Usually concealers that come with a wand applicator offer much more precision, though some say they can be unhygienic, (which is only true if you share your makeup) on the other hand the thinner texture offers a much smoother blending on the skin.

– Cream concealers:

They come in a pot and usually require finger or brush dipping, cream concealers are the “heavy duty” of makeup with some being almost waxy and creamy which offers a much stronger coverage.

Color Correcting Concealers:

It’s debatable whether color correctors should be considered concealers. We do cons they serve almost the exact same purpose of hiding or highlighting any part of your skin.

To answer the big question “how will I know which concealer is right for me” is another question, how do you want the concealer to work on you?

Uses for concealers are endless the best concealer depends on what your goals are (plus your skin type of course).

How to Choose a Concealer: Concealing Imperfections and Spots

Spot imperfections are irritating, but they are also the easiest to take care of.
This is where stick concealers really shine, because as mentioned above they are easy to use and offer great coverage, plus safer to carry around.
If your skin is not a fan of skin concealers opt for a pigmented liquid concealer, one with a thinner consistency will help you avoid adding more texture and product than necessary.

how to choose liquid concealer

Neutralizing discolorations:

If you have any major areas of discoloration such as redness from acne, scarring, darkness or any hyper pigmentation like a birth mark, color correctors will do the trick.
While they also come in different formulas I would highly recommend a liquid version as they blend flawlessly to your skin. Remember, you’ll need a regular skin-tone concealer on top so it’s important to add as little texture as possible.

Under eye concealer:

Underye darkness is the trickiest to cover up, and your skin also tends to be rather dry in those areas.
So the thick and creamy concealer provides full coverage to look radiant and awake!


Contouring is the only use for concealer where any type would do the trick. As long as you pick the right color, and to do that you can chose a color about 2 shades deeper than your skin tone.
Also make sure to test the concealer on your collarbones for a more precise match.

Hopefully, after reading this article you can now pick the right concealer for your needs.

Out of all the categories choose the top two or three that will accomplish your desired results, and then select the right shade for you. Or you can always get one of everything and you’ll always be covered.

Quick sum-up:

  • Stick concealer (blemishes)
  • Liquid concealer (highlighting and fixing mistakes)
  • Cream concealer (for under-eye emergencies)
  • Color corrector (green hides redness, orange hides blue, and yellow for purple spots)

Your opinion is important to us!

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