How to Choose Make up Cleanser?

It is very important to remove your make up before going to bed. There are many types of make up cleanser. Let’s find out how to choose the best one?

It is very important to remove your make-up before going to bed. There are many types of make-up cleanser. Let’s find out how to choose the best one?

Face and Neck

Using a product which is compatible to your client’s skin type, apply to the neck and face using upward, and then circular movements ensuring that the make-up on the skin is well emulsified.

Remove the mixture with your damp cotton wool (using the same upward strokes) and continue, replacing dirty pads with fresh ones until they come away from the skin clean

Depending on the amount of make-up worn, you may need to apply a second amount of cleanser. This can happen with darker skin tones simply because there is more colour in the products which have been used.


Watch out for eyebrows which have been drawn on. This can happen with the client who has shaved her brows at some point in the past.

For some strange reason, eye brow hair seems to be the only hair which does not regrow! If you remove the brows and you are about to colour analyse her, re-apply them before the draping. See comments below.

Eye Area

Use cotton wool pads to gently remove eye make-up and mascara. Be careful not to overload the cotton pad with cleanser as you do not want it to run into the client’s eyes. It speeds things to use two cotton pads, held side by side, for this job.

If your client is wearing a great deal of eye make-up and you are short of time, you may like to suggest that she removes it herself. Have a specialised eye make-up remover available in case your client prefers it to ordinary cleansers. See our recommendations elsewhere.

With particular reference to colour analysis, if a client is wearing neutral mascara, you can simply clean around the lashes, leaving it in position. If you do decide to leave it on, you will not be able to apply more mascara over the top as smoothly as usual, however. I just touch the outer edge of the lashes.

how to choose make up cleanser

The reason for this is that I want the client to see herself in the mirror, looking very natural. As with replacing missing eyebrows, this helps during the draping by giving her face some of the definition she is used to. This is also why we leave the clients hair exposed. The more like herself she looks the more easily she will see the changes as you drape her.


To remove lipstick, apply cleanser to one cotton wool pad and holding another in your other hand, wipe them gently and alternately over the mouth, turning as you go, so that a clean area is used each time you touch the mouth.

Occasionally we have a problem with lipstick which has dyed the lips, usually a blue tone. If this happens during a PCA, you may find it helpful to tone it down with a little foundation for the draping. Be guided by the tester results.

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