How To Choose A Virtual Phone Number Service?

More Businesses Are Choosing Virtual Numbers For Their Incredible Flexibility. But How To Choose A Virtual Phone Number Service That Best Fits Your Needs?

Old phones depended on wires covering the entire world and phone numbers that depended on a physical location. While this continues today, modern technology now allows wireless communication and virtual phone numbers that work in much of the world. In this article, we will explore what a Virtual Number (DID) is, how it works, and how a company or home can benefit from this type of service.

What Is a Virtual Number?

As I mentioned above, most people think of phone numbers and the physical location associated with them. For example, a phone number with an area code of 11 immediately related to the state of New York. These numbers were traditionally offered to residents of that area and assigned to a specific location. The Virtual Numbers (DID – Direct Inward Dialling) operate differently. Instead of being assigned to a particular place, they can be purchased by anyone and attached to the existing Number.

For example, even if you live in New Jersey with area code 21, you can purchase a Virtual Number (DID) from New York DDD 11 and receive your calls as usual. But in what ways can it receive? It is possible to answer incoming calls through applications on your cell phone, tablets, and ATA adapters on computers via a Softphone, IP Phone, or Asterisk. VoIP does the USA makes available to all its customer’s applications and manuals step by step for configuration and a team of trained professionals to assist in support. If you want to download apps or learn more about the manuals, visit our portal. You or your company can have a number in a given location, without necessarily living or having your company based there.

Virtual Numbers (DID) Work

The Virtual Numbers (DID) use technology VoIP. This replaces the need for telephone cables and instead uses broadband internet to send and receive voice signals. These numbers can work on a conventional landline phone in two ways. The first is through an ATA. The ATA Adapter used to transform a digital signal into an analogy one, so you can use any telephone device, wired or wireless to answer calls. The second way is through the feature called “follow me.” By activating this feature, you can direct calls to any existing Fixed or Mobile number. The quality of calls depends a lot on the user’s Internet, and in the USA, due to advances in Internet quality, calls are completed without interference. BENEFITS OF A VIRTUAL NUMBER (DID)

Start-ups, large corporations, and even ordinary people using in their homes can benefit from a Virtual Number (DID). These numbers are often used to create a presence in a location where you not yet located. For companies, in particular, a Virtual Number (DID) gives your customers the appearance that you are a local company or with multiple branches. Virtual Number (DID) offers a cost-benefit for those who are calling you. Depending on the type of plan the user has, calls are usually cheaper or even free. It frees you and whoever is calling you from the hassle of long-distance or even international rates. Regardless of their use, Virtual Numbers (DID) provide a wide range of benefits for businesses or homes looking for a more convenient calling solution. Technology is always shaping our means of communication, and Virtual Numbers (DID) are, in fact, a real proof of that. Here at VoIP do the USA, the Virtual Number (DID) is available in 60 countries and every cities in the USA. How do I get a virtual phone number?

Some applications are a hand in the wheel to solve problems, of the most varied possible. In this case, it is no different. Check out some apps that will help you generate a virtual cell phone number quickly and easily, as well as providing some free phone service options.

how to choose a virtual phone number

ESIM Number – Virtual Phone Number

This application allows you to generate a completely new virtual mobile number with just a few clicks. International numbers, SMS service, and even cloning apps with multiple accounts, the e-SIM Number is a comprehensive platform with many options. With free and paid plans, it is an excellent alternative for those looking for a complete application. Available on the Play Store.

2 Ndline – Us Phone Number

2ndLine – US Phone Number is a cell phone number generator that gives the user access to a number in the United States and Canada, allowing them to make calls and send SMS for free and unlimitedly. When generating a North American virtual cell phone number, you can receive calls through the app, send messages and photos. This app is also capable of producing the transcription of voice messages, making it increasingly easy to navigate. There you can add money to your account to create more affordable calls, but the service also offers ways to earn money to make them; it is your choice. The application, unfortunately, is not available for the iPhone, only for Android.

Next Plus

Have you always wanted to send messages and make calls over Wi-Fi and didn’t know how? So I teach! NextPlus, in addition to generating a brand new virtual cell phone number for its user, also makes all the telephone service free over the Internet. With it, you can create accounts on Telegram and Viber to exchange messages at will with your friends. NextPlus does not allow the creation of a WhatsApp account, but it can help you in many other ways. Be sure to check it out! The application is available on the Play Store and also on the App Store.

Hushed – Toll-Free, Texting

Hushed is not far from the other applications presented: with the functionality of generating a virtual cell phone number, like the others, it allows you to make calls and send SMS, in addition to exchanging messages on the platform itself. The app releases call to phones from different countries and generate local and international numbers. It is available in both versions.


In development, Freeje is another cell number generator that has as main proposal to bring commercial phones, second line, virtual SIM, and even fax number. The application allows you to generate a virtual cell phone number and offers services at a low price, giving privacy and flexibility to the user. It’s easy to use and brings numbers from more than 70 countries to you. Freeje is available on all platforms.

Skype and Google Voice

A Skype or Google number is a second phone number that is linked to your Skype/Google account and allows you to answer incoming calls in the Skype/Google application anywhere. People can call you from their mobile or landline phone, and customer can answer the call on Skype/Google. This number is an excellent option if your friends or family live in different countries. Anyone can dial your Skype/Google number from any mobile or landline number, and you only answer the call on Skype/Google voice. Can I use a virtual Number for WhatsApp?

Wabi – Virtual Number for Whatsapp

With the focus on using WhatsApp, Wabi can generate a personal or commercial virtual mobile number for you to use the chat platform with peace of mind. Wabi guarantees compatibility with WhatsApp Business and offers the creation of virtual numbers for more than 60 countries around the world. For you who choose the ease of generating a virtual cell phone number, Wabi is the ideal application Android. As it was possible to realize, therefore, the application stores of our cell phones have a multitude of options for those looking to generate a virtual cell phone number. Paid or free, the services are of the most varied, replicating everything you can do on the phone, over the Internet. To simplify your life, mine and ours, these apps allow you to send messages, create accounts on chat platforms, make calls all over the world, and, in some cases, even more. There is something for everyone, from Android to iPhone, there is no lack of options to create a new number, totally virtual and practical for the one that best suits you!

Google Call Forwarding Number

Create a WhatsApp account with a virtual number When we have our virtual number created and working, it will work like a conventional telephone line. The difference, and it is not small, is that it will always have to manage through this application, and we will not be able, for example, to use the Phone app for it. Be that as it may, we can create a WhatsApp account with a virtual phone number despite the limitations they have, and the procedure is as simple as it would be with a current phone number, or almost. WhatsApp will ask us for a phone number to register the account. We will introduce the virtual number that we have just created, and we will take into account the prefix to be used depending on the country of the phone number created because, by default, WhatsApp will use the prefix of our real state. Once this is done and accepted, WhatsApp will send an SMS message automatically to that line, and we should find it in the Hushed application; if so, enter it and verify the account creation.If the SMS does not appear, then we would have to wait for the counter to arrive at at that moment, request verification by the call. When doing so, they will call us to the telephone number of our virtual line and dictate a numerical code. This numeric code is entered in WhatsApp, and from then on, the registration of the account with our virtual phone number will be confirmed.

Use a Landline Number Instead of A Virtual One

Use a landline number instead of a virtual one There can be many reasons why we want to create a WhatsApp account with a number that is not ours or because we do not want to have to register a mobile line, with the expense that this entails, to use only the messaging app. We have seen how it is possible to get a virtual number for WhatsApp, but the truth is that there is another way to avoid using a mobile number to use the famous app.

Final Words

Maintaining a virtual number has a cost, as it could not be otherwise, and that is the plans. For some money a month, for example, but depending on the selected country, we may have to choose an international rate depending upon service we choose. What interests us is not the SMS that we let us send, nor the minutes of calls that we can consume, but rather having the virtual line to receive the confirmation SMS when registering on WhatsApp, or receiving calls for verification with this method.

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