How to Choose a WiFi Curtain Switch?

Life is easier with a WiFi curtain switch, the easy to use tech that will open your blinds at the click of a button. But how to choose a WiFi curtain switch?

Life is easier with a WiFi curtain switch, the easy to use tech that will open your blinds at the click of a button. But how to choose a WiFi curtain switch?

If you’re anything like me, almost everyday of your life has started with the blaring sound of an alarm clock.

It’s a sound that you grow to hate and fear, a sound that makes you cringe no matter when you hear it, and it becomes one of the few noises that you grow to really, truly hate.

But what if there was a better alternative?

A way to wakeup bathed in sunlight, listening to the sweet tunes of your favourite band, feeling relaxed and refreshed after good night sleep in a dark room, and with all the energy you need to go out into the world and kick some ass.

how to choose a wifi curtain switch

Well thanks to the magic of technology, this dream can become reality.

Why Buy a Smart Curtain Switch?

Because life is short and you have better things to do than spend your valuable time wandering around your house, opening and closing your curtains each and every day.

I mean, what’s the point of living in today’s world of constant technological growth if you won’t take advantage of the simple luxuries life now offers.

But you may be thinking, “well that sounds great but I bet they’re a pain to install and it will be too much effort to be worth the reward”.

Well thankfully you would be mistaken.

The Advantages of A Smart Curtain Switch

1. Easy to Setup

Smart Curtain Controller is so easy to setup, even the most technologically incompetent person will have it up and running in less than 10 minutes. It also intuitively connects to your WiFi and does not require a separate hub to operate.

2. Compatible With… Everything

With apps for iPhone and Android as well as compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri via Apple HomeKit – it doesn’t matter what device you use, a Smart Curtain Controller will work for you!

3. Discrete

This system won’t stand out like a flamingo in a chicken coup. It’s small size and sleek design will blend into even the most stylish of homes, while also being powerful enough to support systems up to 300W.

4. Set a Schedule

Use the app to automatically set intuitive time schedules for when your curtains open or close – like just before you wake up or as a security feature for when you are away from home.

What Type of Curtains or Blinds Will It Work With?

If you have cash to burn your best option may to go out and order made-to-measure electric blinds from the likes of Lutron and Somfy.

However if you’re not willing to fork out a fat wad of cash and instead want to make use of your traditional ‘analogue’ blinds, well you’re in luck!

There are a variety of ‘retrofit’ options out there that can motorize your traditional blinds, turning them into smart blinds with the aid of a WiFi Curtain Switch. The most common of these works with roller blinds that open and close using a chain mechanism. There are a handful of these motors on the market that are easy to install and integrate perfectly with your smart home tech.

Or if you’re the type of person that enjoys getting their hands dirty and building your own tech, you can take the DIY route and make it yourself. In your next free weekend you can effectively make your own smart blinds using just a motor, a couple of sensors and a controller.

How to Choose a WiFi Curtain Switch? Things to Consider

When buying any sort of tech it can be difficult understand all the jargon and figure out which option is best suited for you.

Well, fear not! Below is a short list of things you should consider before purchasing.

1. Smart Switch vs. Smart Plug

Wait, what’s the difference?

Its easy, Smart Plugs are electrical wall sockets that can be operated using an app on your phone or tablet. All you have to do is plug your motorised curtain into the Smart Plug and then you’re free to operate it using an app. While they may not have any manual switches that you can use, they do include sophisticated power monitoring features that most switches don’t offer.

Smart Switches on the other hand resemble a wall switch that you would use to operate a light or a fan. These switches connect to your curtains wirelessly and can be operated using an app, a virtual assistant or the switch itself.

2. What’s your preferred Operating System?

While most switches work with both Android and iOS, some switches may work better with one OS over the other. So to ensure seamless integration with your existing devices (like Nest or Ecobee) be sure to check that the switch you pick is designed specifically for your operating system of choice.

3. Wireless connectivity

Believe it or not WiFi isn’t the only wireless technology you have to worry about. WiFi, ZigBee , Z-Wave, and Bluetooth are all commonly used among popular tech products today. So to be sure your system works properly make sure that your motor, switch, phone/tablet and Virtual Assistant all incorporate the same wireless technologies.

Also each of these communication protocols comes with their own pros and cons, and you want to be sure that the protocol you choose is best suited for your home environment and the tech that you are using.

A Final Summary

So if you’re ready to take the plunge and start living the smart home life, a WiFi curtain switch is the best place to start.

Simple to install, these switches can be used with anything from the most advanced motorized curtain systems all the way to the cheap, DIY homemade systems.

So stop wasting time and energy opening and closing your curtains everyday and make the switch to a smart blind system!

Your opinion is important to us!

Do you have more suggestions on how to choose a wifi curtain switch? Let us know in the comments bellow or contact us!

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