How To Choose A Motivational Approach?

Choosing the right motivational approach can really transform your life for the best. This article will explain how to choose a motivational approach!

Choosing the right motivational approach can really transform your life for the best. A large portion of our success depends of psychological factors that can be enhanced with the right motivational approach.

Here are a few main approach explanation that might be of advantage for you.

Do This if You Haven’t yet Had the Success You Desire

If you go back and read Napoleon Hill or the New Thought Leaders or even the ancient texts they seem to agree in various ways with Hill’s language. Know what you want. Know your Definite Purpose. Clarify it. This is a must do first step. Make no mistake about this. Next, it must be made into a Burning Desire. You must want it with every fiber of your being. Then you must have faith that it will happen. You need to expect its arrival. You conceive of it, you believe it and you achieve it.

Then YOU make a total commitment to make it happen. Never give up. Keep going until you make it happen. The Law Of Attraction is for proactive people. It works for people who make it work. LOA is about harnessing your attention, your energy, your focus and your abilities.

Some people believe they don’t have to do anything but think about it and it will magically manifest. That is NOT what the LOA actually is about. It is a magnifying lens. Anything you place before it expands or is exaggerated. If you look at wonderful things you are blessed. If you put crap in front of it don’t be surprised if life is crappy. What you focus on you get. Whatever the mind can conceive and you can believe you can achieve. It is about what you ACHIEVE. Not what magically appears. It all starts with the correct attitude or mindset. It begins first in the mind. It involves your feelings and your actions.

Know What You Want – Believe You Can Make It Happen

Some of the reasons LOA doesn’t seem to work is because people believe wrongly about what it is. It isn’t the fast food, magic bullet, quick fix, chant it into being formula some think it is. IT IS a practical, proven means to get you off your ass and into success by putting timeless principles to work. It works when you work it!

Some people take longer than others to know what they want. For some it takes a while to specify it. It takes some people time to hone it and lock in on one thing. They may go back and forth about what they want or are vague in the first place.

Precision is key. Focus is Key. Practice is key. Write it down. Make autosuggestion work for you instead of against you. Autosuggestion is always ongoing. It is not something you do once. It is a life long continuing process. It is the basis of getting what you already have.

For some the problem is they concentrate on what they do not want. The subconscious mind (or the universe if you prefer) doesn’t care of judge. It gives you whatever you focus strongly on. It makes happen whatever you think about accompanied with strong emotion.

Some People Inadvertently Get What They Don’t Want.

Some people are great at getting what they don’t want. They are scared, or depressed, angry, resentful, fearful, anxious or worried. So they get more of these.

Their attention is on what they want to avoid and they feel emotional at the same time. THAT is the magic formula for creating more of the same.

Make autosuggestion work for you by visualizing what you do want as if you already have it. Feel these feelings strongly. Enjoy these. Affirm what you want positively with strong emotion. Feel it!

Do these things repeatedly. It will work for you. Hill states read it out loud at least twice a day. Fill your thoughts with it all day long. What you think about you become.

Think in terms of already having. State emphatically, ‘I am confident’ or ‘I have confidence’ rather than thinking you will some day. Some day never comes. Claim it now! Be a champion. Act like it!

You Already Use Autosuggestion Even if You Don’t Know It

how to choose a motivational approach

You already have everything you need. This issue is you do not yet believe that nor do you fully realize it. You already have all the resources you just have not tapped into them yet. They ARE within you. They truly are. You will discover this if you act like it is true. Too many people wait and hope. They don’t believe or affirm what they want. If you remain unconvinced that is what you end up with. Convince yourself you can do anything you set your mind to do.

You can learn how and you can make it happen. Don’t make excuses. Make what you want happen! Affirm it. See it as if it already happened. Imagine it so strongly you can see, feel and touch it.

Do this everyday until it is a burning desire – a white hot burning all encompassing desire. You must absolutely want it more than anything. Some people aren’t there yet. Don’t wait. Do it! It will not happen by itself. You make it happen.

You must do what it takes d keep doing it until you get it. Many won’t even try and many don’t stick with it. Hardly, anything else needs to be said about this. If you give up YOU quit! Don’t expect to be a winner if you are a quitter.

Commit Don’t Quit – Stop Being a Wimp

Some ‘gurus’ tell you it is because of your past unconscious conditioning and limiting beliefs. While this may be accurate it is a slippery slope. Don’t use what they say to look for crap. Remember, you get what you focus on.

Hill said you would come to believe what is necessary through repetition of thought. By repeatedly filling your mind with what you want you re-condition your mind to believe. The principle which is tried and true is ‘A lie repeated often enough is substituted for the truth.’

This means if you stick with it long enough you will get it. You will come to believe it as you affirm it or claim it. It does work. Spaced repetition is what creates a habit. Repeating the correct action over and over again during a long enough period of time is how habits are formed. So you create NEW thought habits the same way.

When ‘gurus’ say it is YOUR limitations there is a tendency to look for, find and focus on what is wrong. This is not going to help but can hinder you. Yes you want to free yourself of the limitations but wallowing and sifting through garbage doesn’t make you better. Think of weeding a garden. You plant seeds expecting a certain plant to blossom. Weeds may enter the garden. Extract them as you find them and get rid of them. You do not give those weeds any more thought than that. You concentrate of making your garden healthy.

Use Autosuggestion to Get What You Do Want

You do need to focus on what you want and the new beliefs you want to have. Autosuggestion is the process we use to build new thought habits. We are always suggesting things to ourselves.

We are always already affirming either positively or negatively. We are already imagining wonderful things or not so wonderful things. We are already thinking about what we want to include or what we want to avoid. BOTH types of thinking create the results we get. Stick with positive affirmations and positive visualization to program your mind positively!

Fill your mind with positive inspiring and motivational materials. Read & listen to positive, life affirming materials. Hang around positive people. Find ways to stay positive and feel your finest. Be happy and enthused.

Allow yourself to and celebrate everything! Smile, laugh, sing, dance. The better you feel the more you enjoy life! Radiate! Imagine you are a light unto the world. Your job is to illuminate and spread joy.

Love Life and You Will Get Everything You Want

Help others get what they want and you will be helping yourself get what you want. Enjoy the success of others. Hold every one in positive regard. Practice, hell, LIVE the Golden Rule. DO these things and you will transform your experience all for the better.

You will be better equipped to handle difficulty when it arises. AND you will better equipped to enjoy life daily. Make tiny moments magnificent and make terrible moments tiny. Whatever you can conceive and believe YOU can achieve!

To Sum Up

Choosing a motivational approach can do miracles for you. Create a wonderful life for yourself. Commit to being the best, feeling your best, living your best and helping others to do the same. You

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