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How to Choose a Nasal Aspirator

It can be an incredibly stressful time when your baby gets a cold and can’t breathe through their nose. An aspirator is a reliable method of clearing those airways to help your baby start feeling back to normal.

Baby who can’t breath is a very serious problem, especially while the baby is sleeping and not monitored. This matter must be taken care of.

Here’s everything that you will want to consider when selecting your baby’s nasal aspirator.

What Is a Nasal Aspirator?

A nasal aspirator is used to help clear your baby’s nose of mucus when they have a cold.

What Are the Benefits of A Nasal Aspirator?

Babies and young children are unable to blow their own noses when they have a cold, meaning that a build up of mucus during a cold can make it difficult for them to breathe – a nasal aspirator allows us to remove the majority of the mucus and help to clear their airways. It’s a very easy baby gadget to use and is important to have to hand until your baby reaches an age where they can blow their nose (around 3 years old).

What Are the Different Models of Nasal Aspirator?

There are three different types of baby nasal aspirator, here we have listed each one and how to use it:

how to choose a nasal aspirator


This nasal aspirator has a narrow end for inserting into the baby’s nose and a large bulb end which you squeeze in order to create the suction to remove mucus. This is the cheapest model, but isn’t always the most effective as you can’t control the force of the suction as well as you can with other models. There are also some concerns over bacteria remaining inside the bulb as they can’t always be opened and cleaned.


This is the most expensive option, but is also the easiest and most reassuring to use. The aspirator adjusts the suction depending on the thickness of the mucus, with some models even squirting saline and playing music!

Human Suction

A human suction aspirator works by inserting one end of a tube into baby’s nostril and sucking on the other end to remove mucus. There is a sponge to absorb the mucus and prevent it from going into your mouth. These are easy to take apart and clean thoroughly.

What Should I Consider when Choosing the Best Nasal Aspirator?

There are a few things that you’ll want to consider before purchasing your nasal aspirator to make sure that you are equipped with something that is easy to use and will last.


The aspirator needs to effectively remove mucus from your baby’s nose quickly. Your baby will not appreciate you using an aspirator so it needs to be a very quick process!


An aspirator needs to be easy to take apart and clean for good hygiene.


If there are sponges that need replacing you’ll want to make sure that your aspirator includes spares or that they are easy to purchase. Some aspirators come in a health set, including a thermometer and nail clippers!

How to Use a Nasal Aspirator?

Depending on the nasal aspirator that you purchase there will be different methods of use, but generally you’ll want to follow these steps:

  • Make sure your baby is comfortable and not at risk of hitting their head should they quickly turn away from the aspirator
  • It’s recommended that you insert saline into the nostril before use to loosen the mucus and make it easier to remove
  • Insert the aspirator into one nostril whilst blocking the other and quickly begin suction to remove mucus, repeat on the other side
  • If your baby’s cold is accompanied by a fever, don’t use the nasal aspirator and instead take them straight to your healthcare provider

Wrap Up

Though your baby is not going to like their new nasal aspirator, it is one of the most useful baby gadgets to have on hand when your baby gets their first cold!

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