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How to Choose a Play Yard?

Choosing a play yard for your baby can make it easier to let them to play safely while you do other task in parallel. Here’s how to choose a new play yard.

Choosing a play yard for your baby can have you well on your way to leaving them to play safely, taking naps somewhere other than their bedroom, and even give you extra storage!
Here’s everything that you need to know about your baby’s new play yard.

What Is a Play Yard?

A play yard may also be referred to as a Travel Cot – it’s essentially a cot that can be folded down and used in various places for baby to play and sleep.

What Are the Benefits of A Play Yard?

Play yards are great if you want a play or sleep area for your baby that you can move around the house, use outside and travel with. They provide your baby with a safe and contained space to play so that you don’t have to worry about them hurting themselves. A play yard can be the perfect space saving option, with some having extras such as storage compartments and a surface to use for changing your baby’s nappy.

What Are the Different Models of Play Yard?

Play yards all follow a basic model, but come in various sizes, weight and styles with some including extra attachments that can turn your play yard into much more than a place for your baby to sleep.

What Should I Consider when Choosing the Best Play Yard?

What you need to consider when choosing a play yard is what you intend to use it for and if it’s going to meet your personal requirements. Here are some of the things that you might want to think about:

1- Any Extras

Some play yards come with a changing table, shelves, toys and a bassinet! A play yard that comes with a sun shade will be useful if you’re planning on using it outside, and wheels can make it easier to transport.

how to choose a play yard

2- Size

You may want a bigger play yard if you’re planning on using it for more than one child at a time.

3- Where Will You Be Using It?

If you’re planning to travel with your play yard you’ll want one that’s simple to put up and take down, easy to carry, and light. When using a play yard in the place of a cot make sure that you choose one with a more comfortable mattress – you can also buy travel mattresses to fit inside your play cot, just make sure that it’s the right size for safety reasons.

4- Easy to fold

Depending on where you use your play yard you’ll probably want it to be straightforward to take down and store.

5- Safety

  • Follow the instructions for assembly
  • Don’t put your baby inside until you’re sure that it’s completely locked
  • Be aware of the weight and age limits of your play yard
  • If using the play yard as a place for your baby to sleep, follow the same precautions that you would for safe sleeping in any other bed or cot – make sure that there are no loose blankets and that your baby is put down to sleep on their back

Wrap up

Play yards are an incredibly versatile piece of equipment to have for your baby or toddler. Whether you’re a family who is keen on travel, spends a lot of nights at grandma’s house, or just wants to feel reassured that your baby is playing safely whilst you make dinner – a play yard will always be useful!

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