How to Choose a Tattoo Your Spouse Will Love As Well?

Trying to decide on the perfect tattoo? Choosing one that your SO will love as well is not always easy. How you choose a tattoo your partner will love as well?

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Trying to decide on the perfect tattoo? Picking artwork for your body that you’ll love forever can be hard to do, but choosing one that your partner will love as well, is even more complicated. This is how you choose a tattoo your spouse will love as well!

If you’re married or in a serious relationship, you’ll want to make sure both you and your spouse will be happy to look at your new tattoo forever. To help you narrow down the options of tattoos to get, we’ll give you six tips in this article for choosing a tattoo you and your partner will love!

1. Explain Your Spouse Why You Want to Do It

One of the most crucial ways to involve your spouse is to get his or her input by having a discussion before going to get the tattoo. If you already have one in mind, make your spouse part of the process by explaining why you chose the tattoo.

2. Ask His/her Opinion About the Design Before Doing It

Enable your spouse to better visualize how the tattoo will look by sharing your ideas regarding its design. Asking his or her opinion about the style of the tattoo will demonstrate that you care about your spouse’s feedback.

3. Make It Slightly Discreet

Choose a relatively discreet spot for the tattoo so it will be your and your partner’s tattoo. At the same time, don’t choose a too intimate spot in case you do want to show it to someone.

4. Size Matters

Consider the size of your tattoo. Unless you have gotten many tattoos before and you are confident about how your tattoo will turn out, perhaps avoid choosing one that is overly large, since it might be too drastic of a change all at once.

5. Colors or Black and White?

Envision how your tattoo will look over time. While color tattoos look beautiful, there are also risks to consider, such as fading. If you use too much color in the tattoo design, bear in mind that it will fade more quickly and might not look as good in a few years.

Choose a Tattoo with A Meaning

Choose a tattoo with a significant meaning. One of the most important aspects of the tattoo is the meaning—both for you and potentially for someone else. If you get a tattoo with a meaning that is somehow related to your partner, he or she will probably love it just as much as you do.


Selecting the perfect tattoo is usually a fun experience, but sometimes it is nerve-wracking as well, especially if you are receiving your very first tattoo. This undertaking can be more complicated still if you are married, as receiving input from your partner is important in virtually every decision. To take the potential stress out of this choice and fully enjoy the experience, remember to communicate, share your design ideas, select the location, color and size of your tattoo carefully, and choose the most significant meaning for your tattoo. Following these tips will ensure both you and your spouse love your brand-new permanent body art.

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