How to Choose a Dress that Will Seduce the RIGHT Guy

A dress can make you attractive in the eyes of the men. But you don’t want to attract creepy ones. How do you choose a dress that seduces the right type of guy?

You are about to go out, you open your closet and see a variety of dresses. Which one should you choose? A beautiful dress can make you look very feminine and appear attractive in the eyes of the men around you. But at the same time, you don’t want to attract all of them, especially not the creepy ones… So, how do you choose a dress that seduces the right type of guy?

Who Do You Want to Seduce?

Depending on your current situation in life and personal taste, you might want to seduce different types of guys. Here are some typical types of guys you might want to attract:

1. You are looking for a partner to start a family with as soon as possible

In this case you probably want someone stable that can handle a family, both emotionally and financially.

2. You are looking for a long-term relationship, but do not want to get married and raise children right away

You might want to attract the good guy, someone who is nice but not in a nonassertive way.

3. You just want to feel loved

You probably want to attract the lover, not a fighter kind of guy, the “Latin lover”, though he obviously doesn’t need to be Latin.

4. You are looking to fulfill a sexual desire

As science says, statistically, the most well-equipped guys are African-Americans, so if size is a fantasy, these are the guys you want to attract.

What Kind of Dress Will Seduce The Stable Guy?

This guy is stable both emotionally and financially. He has a job and a career; he knows what he wants, and more importantly, what he doesn’t want. A sexy, racy and very revealing dress might attract him, but only for a night or two.

The stable guy is looking for a mother image, someone with class, intelligence and values. You want to look sophisticated and elegant. You want to look feminine and stress your sexuality, but in a very elegant and moderate way.

An elegant black dress, with classic makeup and reddish lipstick and nails will definitely do the trick.

how to choose a dress that seduces men

What Kind of Dress Will Seduce The Good Guy?

The good guy is “good” because he will love you, he will be good to you and he will not only be your lover, but also your friend. The good guy is more romantic and less sex-driven than the average guy. Sometimes he will even feel intimidated by very sexual women.

He is looking for someone to love, and if you reveal too much too soon, this might put him off.

Why is that? Because he will feel intimated by your beauty. He will think you may meet a “better” guy in the future and leave him and he will be heartbroken.

If you want to attract the good guy, it’s best to be very gentle with your femininity. Show your curves, but avoid cleavage and very short dresses.

Use romantic, bright colors. Sundresses are perfect!

a dress that seduces mister right

What Kind of Dress Will Seduce The Lover?

The lover will excite you; he will make you feel passionate and sexy. There will be sex, and a lot of it, but this is not the main aim. Instead, you want emotions, sensations and intense feelings.

The place to find the lover is on the dance floor, and specifically, the Latin music dance floor. Whether it is salsa, bachata or samba, there is a higher chance you will find him here.

For that reason, you will need a revealing, sexy dress that will knock ’em down, but at the same time, a dress you are comfortable to dance in.

a dress that will seduce the right man

What Kind of Dress Will Seduce The Well-equipped guy?

Well, let’s face it, getting laid is easy for a woman, very easy. Getting laid with a well-equipped guy that will make you reach an orgasm… now, that’s much more tricky.

Statistically speaking, African-Americans have larger penises, so they are your target.

To get them aroused, just like getting any man aroused, you will need a very revealing dress that shows off what your mother gave ya.

Just be careful and go out with friends. Remember, when you go out, safety first.

how to choose a dress that will seduce the right guy

Wrap up

Dresses can be a seduction tool, and that’s definitely not something new. Depending on the fish you want to catch, you will need a specific hook. Enjoy your femininity, you are beautiful! And most important of all, stay safe, and always have people you trust around you; there are bad people out there…

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